Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Pictures from My Parent's Visit

Kristen has asked me when I was going to put more pictures on my blog. Life has been crazy. I don't know where the time is going but it is going fast! Before more time passes, I will update with some more pictures. The next few days are going to be even crazier so I may not post more pictures for a few days. We move out of our house and into my mother-in-law's house on Tuesday. That is just five days away, oh my!

Kristen and Taylor
Dylan, Victory, Preston and Brooklyn

It wasn't easy getting a picture with everyone even remotely looking the same direction. Dylan was fascinated with Great-grandpa Nervik's skin.
It was great to see James. We haven't seen him a lot lately and it was so good to see him.
Great-grandma Nervik with Brooklyn.
All four kids in one place, wow! Kristen, Erin, Jonathan and James
My mom and Dad, what a lovely couple.
All the girls - my mom, Brooklyn, Kristen, Me and Erin. That's four generations.
Taylor and Kristen
My dad, James, and my mom.
Dad, Me and Mom
While my parents were here, we took a trip up to Puyallup, WA to see our friends, the Beane's. Here is Vanessa and Caleb with parents Beki and Ron. Here is Ron and Nancy with Dad and Mom.
Just a cute picture of Preston.