Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spc. Taylor A. Bradley

As Memorial Day approaches, I want to take time to thank our son-in-law, Taylor, for his service in the United States Army. Taylor, you have given up so much to give us our freedoms. So many people take their freedoms for granted, but I see first hand the things you give up to serve your country for us. We have done our best to take care of your loved ones as you take care of us. We have had the privilege of having Kristen and the kids here for the last eight months. Thinking about them leaving and going back to Tennessee is bitter sweet. It means we will not see them every day but it also means that you will be home from Iraq soon. We will dearly miss them but I know that Kristen will send pictures and the web cam is such a great tool that keeps us close. We are so proud of you and we thank the Lord for all He is doing in your life. You are not the same man that married our daughter, you are a better man. You have become a man longing to do God's will and to raise his family for the Lord. That is so much greater a service to us than even your job in serving your country. We are proud of you and we love you and miss you. May God keep you safe during the rest of your time in Iraq and may He bring you home safely.

How We Recall
by ©2004 Roger J. Robicheau
(Sp 5, US Army)

How we recall that day we swore
To serve our country to the core
That clothing issued brought a view
Of raw recruits, this showed so true
Remembered hair was cut away
This look for quite awhile would stay
Our trek before too long did show
New GI’s marching, row by row
And then one day emerged a form
Each proud trained troop in uniform
We followed orders as we should
To do our best, in pride we would
Some served in peace, some went to war
Brave heroes passed through Heaven’s door
We cherished friends who served with us
Great buddies all, how we’d discuss
So many thoughts will never wane
For what we shared, let closeness reign
Our bond was tight, the best to see
For when we served, this had to be
The purpose was to keep you free
God Bless the brave, deservedly