Saturday, April 25, 2009

We're in LA

We arrived in Granada Hills, just outside of Los Angeles last night at the home of our friends Kevin and Katherine Bubna. We are spent the night here and today they are bringing us to San Diego tomorrow. For those that don't know, from the first time when we first started talking about moving to Mexico, we told the kids that we would take a vacation on the way down. We said we could go to Disney Land or go on a cruise, so we have been saving since then to pay for this vacation with the kids. The last five years our vacation has been our mission trip to Mexico and while it has been very fun but we are looking forward to doing this with the kids. Right now, the cruise lines are hurting so bad because of the recession that they are practically giving cruises away so it was much cheaper than Disney Land.

One of the things about taking the cruise was deciding what to do with our van while we are on the ship. We were planning on just parking in the paid parking close to the cruise line and praying that everything would be there when we got back. When I talked to Katherine one night, she suggested we come to their house, we could park our car in their garage and they would drive us to San Diego to catch our cruise. What a blessing from God. Now we do not have to worry about our van which is loaded with all our essentials of home.

When we leave San Diego on the ship today, we will not have any contact for about four days. Our cruise is a four night cruise going to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. We will arrive back in San Diego the morning on April 30th. Then from there, Katherine will pick us back up and drive us up to LA again. From there we will travel to Phoenix, Arizona. We will be stopping to see my Aunt and Uncle that live there. After that, we will be heading through the rest of Arizona and New Mexico then in to Texas where we will cross the border into Mexico from Brownsville, Texas. Those will be our longest travel days. We will then be stopping in Matamoros, Mexico and visiting with Elias and Flora who run the Esperanza Viva home there. Then we will travel south in a two day trip to Puebla. We are excited to be one our way again and look forward to getting to Esperanza Viva in Cholula (near Puebla).


Lissa Rasmussen said...

Hope you're having a wonderful vacation and enjoying every minute of your cruise!