Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Animal Planet

One thing that is quite available here is animals of all kinds. Erin loves animals and so she is having a very good time. Anytime we go to the storage yard, where Jim worked, they like to see Bubba, Tammy's parrot. He is about eleven years old and has a few tricks that he does. He says "Hello", "Hi", and he laughs at people too. The other day I was dancing with him (rocking back and forth) and after he gave a few chuckles. It was pretty funny. Tammy has taught him how to give kisses but she is the only one he gives kisses to.

This morning we found out that Adrian caught a rattle snake yesterday. Yes, I said a rattle snake. He is a big one too with fourteen rattles on him. Not something I would want to catch. Gloria keeps reminding Adrian that he is not a kid anymore. You can hear his rattle from outside the room that he is in. He is in a cage just in case you are wondering.

Erin caught a frog at the storage yard this morning and a lizard at Adrian and Gloria's this afternoon. With all of the animals, Erin is having a great time. Jonathan enjoys them, but nothing like Erin does.

Here are some pictures in a slide show of all of the animals. Quite the zoo.

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Middleton said...

Oh my... thanks for reminding me how much I don't fit in with my family! Adia is so excited about that snake - FREAKY! And I think that bird is posessed.

Gail said...

Amy, how funny! I guess the snake got angry last night and tried to attack through the glass. The optimum thing here is that there was glass. I guess he spit his venom at the glass. The neighbor boy was pretty scared. Now doesn't that just make him seem all warm and fuzzy?