Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visiting with Old Friends

On Monday night we were blessed by being invited to dinner at the Smith's house. Vic and Jennifer Smith are friends of ours that we went to church with here in San Jose when we lived here. We were also able to see Neil and Lisa Johnson who were at the same church with us. It was wonderful to catch up on things and hear what each one is doing now. We were also able to share how we got to where we are today - heading to Mexico for full time missions.

Neal and Lisa Johnson

Vic and Jennifer Smith

The kids, especially Erin, thought it was pretty cool that Vic and Jennifer had a pot belly pig in their back yard. Jennifer has worked with 4H for years and so they have lot of animals.

They also had chickens, ducks, two birds and three dogs. Jonathan really liked the bird. They were able to get it to whistle.

Tonight we have plans to go to my friend Bernie's house. Bernie and I have been friends since our oldest children were just babies. We look forward to a good visit with her and her family tonight.


Mom of thirteen said...

So cool to see pics of the Smiths and Johnsons!

Gail said...

It was really good to visit with them. Just like old times.