Friday, April 17, 2009

Giving Devotions to a Home School Co-op

We were invited to share the devotions at the Middleton's home school co-op group. We had a great time teaching on "Mission Impossible." Jim shared about everyone having a mission, from the body of Christ as a whole, to the church, to the individual person. We talked about Jesus sending out the disciples with the power of the Holy Spirit. We asked how many of them had little brothers or sisters and of course many of them did. We shared with them that they could be witnesses to their brothers and sisters in sharing the gospel to them. Everything went wonderful and we had so much fun.

After that, we were invited to share in a Spanish class where Jim lead in the game - "Simon dice..." or "Simon Says." The kids had a great time. After that, we were able to share about where we are going and the kids all had really great questions. It was a great experience.

Erin went to both of her friend's classes and had a great time. The first class was a basketball class that Amy taught and then she sat in on a science class called Creation Science with Jonathan Park.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to San Jose where we will be meeting up with friends that we knew when we lived there. We will also be spending time with Adrian, Jim's boss of almost 29 years. We look forward to the time there.