Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miss Buckaroo

Today was another great day at the ranch and it came with some excitement.

This is LA (Little Apache).

This is Erin on top of LA.

I wish I was taking video with our Flip video camera because then I could put the video on here. But for now, you will have to use your imagination. Adrian asked Erin if she wanted to break LA in. (LA had been ridden by one other person, someone much smaller than her.) He said he wouldn't let her get hurt and he would stay right by her the whole time, which he did. After several rounds in one direction, everything was going well then Louisa changed direction. After half a turn around the ring, LA decided he didn't like Erin being on him so he bucked up his back legs, then his front legs, then bucked her off into Adrian's arms. Adrian was true to his word and caught her but she was heavier than he thought she would be. He fell forward and almost fell but kept himself and Erin upright. So, everyone was fine and LA got a break for a moment until they put Erin back on him just to sit so he didn't get the idea he could just buck someone off. She didn't stay on long the second time, just long enough that LA knew who was boss. Erin did great and never panicked. Mom didn't either which was really good.


Unknown said...

Good job Erin :)