Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Absolutely Wonderful Day

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! We began by going to church at South Hills where we attended when we lived here. We were able to see a few people we knew. We happened to attend on a Sunday when they were having a pot luck after church so we stayed for lunch. That was a blessing!

Then after church we went back to the hotel and Jim brought Erin swimming while Jonathan and Gail stayed in the hotel room. Jonathan was able to talk to his friend, Conner, who he was missing quite a bit today and Gail was able to take a short nap. Unlike most hotel beds, the beds in this hotel are very comfortable.

Later in the afternoon we went up to Adrian's house (Jim's boss) and Erin had a great time riding a horse while Jonathan was able to get the puppy to come to him. Adrian has three 1/2 husky, 1/2 wolf dogs. He also has two more dogs, four cats and eight horses. He has a ranch in Almaden Valley in San Jose. Jonathan is not real comfortable with the horses. At one point, I thought one of the kids was pushing me and I was ready to turn around and tell them to stop, but when I turned around, I realized it was a horse nudging me. It was rather funny.

After the fun at the ranch, Adrian took us out to dinner at a place called Sonoma Chicken Coop. The food was wonderful and once again, we were blessed. Thank you Adrian. Now for some pictures from the day.

Jim and Gail with one of the horses.

Adrian, Erin, and Sally (the horse Erin rode on).

Erin sitting on Sally.

Here Erin is riding Sally. Sally is actually nine months pregnant so she could only walk her, she wasn't allowed to trot or run her. She has 2-1/2 months to go. A horse is pregnant for eleven months.

Here are two of Adrian's wolf dogs. Apparently they howl in the morning and the puppy likes to be greeted with howls. The while wolf is named Loba (which means wolf in Spanish), and the other one is Wolfy.

Jonathan trying to get Koda used to him so he could pick him up.

Later Jonathan was able to pick him up and that really made Jonathan happy.

Erin got a chance to hold Koda also.

Erin really enjoyed the cats also.

After the day out, the kids enjoyed the pool at the hotel again.

By the way: Adrian has one horse that is pregnant and due to deliver any day now. We told him that if she gives birth this week to call us so we could come. That's home schooling 101 isn't it?