Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going Away Party at El Burro

Last night, Adrian and Gloria hosted a going away party for us at El Burro. We were aloud to invite some of our friends from when we lived here and there were people there that Jim worked with and some that I had worked with years ago when I worked at the preschool. We had a wonderful time with all of them.

Bob and Bernie. I actually met Bernie when I was working at the preschool.

Jim with Ray and Tammy Coate. Ray worked with Jim when he was
first working with Adrian. They have been friends ever since.

Betty is a teacher at the preschool and I worked with her years ago. She is such a sweet wonderful person who always has a smile on her face.
Gail with Betty
Adrian visiting with Marc, his son-in-law. Marc and Tammy run the preschool.
Johnny, Louisa, and Gloria. Johnny works for Adrian and has worked with Jim. Louisa is called the horse lady. She does a lot of training of the horses with Adrian on Adrian's ranch.

Steve Rapinchuk. Steve and his wife, Marisa, went to church with us when we lived in San Jose. Jim has met with Steve on a regular basis to have breakfast and keep each other accountable as Christian men, husbands and fathers.
This is Steve's wife, Marisa.
Adrian and Gloria
Richard and Angie. Angie used to work at the preschool and Richard has done a lot of work with Adrian.
Adrian got Jim and iPod touch as a going away party. He was quite surprised and also quite pleased. Obviously Erin was surprised also.
Erin with Louisa. Erin had a great time learning about the horses, riding them, getting bucked off of one, and brushing the horses this week with Louisa. We were disappointed that we didn't get to see the pregnant horse have her baby but Louisa promises to send pictures of it when it is born.
Gloria said that I should put this silly picture of Adrian on the blog.

Adrian and Gloria have meant so much to us over the last 29 years. Adrian has come to rely on Jim so much so this is quite a sacrifice for him to let Jim go. But he sends us with his blessing. We appreciate all Adrian and Gloria have done for us and no words can adequately express that thanks. I only hope they understand how much we appreciate them. Thanks for a wonderful evening Adrian and Gloria!