Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's New

     It has now been a little more than six months since we arrived back in Oregon and things are going well.  We thank the Lord for all he is doing in our family.  It has been quite an adjustment coming back and getting back into the swing of things but I think we are finally feeling totally at home again.  We have wondered what God has in store for us now and tonight I went to an informational/brainstorming meeting at our church that had to do with our church reaching out to the Hispanic, Latin American people here in the Gresham, Portland area.  Of course this is something that is near and dear to our hearts and we can definitely understand what people go through living in another country and another culture.  We are in the beginning stages but I am very excited to be involved in the process.  God is opening doors to continue in His calling to work the Hispanic people.  On another level of ministry, I am volunteer in the middle school as a small group leader on Sunday mornings. This is a new area for me but something that God placed on my heart come time ago.  Jim and I are both helping out in the High School ministry on Sunday night also.  We help out wherever we are needed which can be different from week to week.  We are both enjoying the time with the youth at our church. 
     Since we returned, Erin began meeting with the ReActs group.  This is a discipleship group that meets once a week.  She has been helping out with events that are planned for middle schoolers.  Jonathan  has been going to youth group on Wednesday nights with a friend and has also joined a Bible study on Thursday nights with some of the kids from that youth group.  He is also helping out in the middle school on Sunday mornings.  We are pleased to see them getting involved and growing in the Lord.

      Another new thing that began just last week is Master's School of Art.  A friend of Erin's told us about this school and we decided it would be a good thing for our family. It is am amazing school and is very family oriented.  The classes are for ages 9 up to adults.  We went to their Revue a couple of weeks ago and the art work was amazing!  We attend one day a week, on Thursdays. It is all day and right now, Jonathan is taking Computer Art 101, Claymation, Anime 101, Film 101, and Cartooning 101. Erin is taking Color Theory/Compostion, Choir, Painting 101, Drawing 101, and Lyrical Dance. Both kids would like to switch their last class to Colored Pencil 101 but we will need to see if there is room in the class. I am helping out in four classes. It's been many years since I have really done much with my drawing or painting, but I am enjoying the refresher courses and learning new things as I help out.
Erin in her painting class.  She is beginning her first painting on a big canvas. 
 Jonathan in his Anime class. 
 This is Erin's first project in painting which kind of gave her the techniques for her bigger picture.
 I am helping out in the Color Pencil class and I tried their assignment at home.  Here is my apple.
That's all I have for updates for now.  Blessings to you all.


Unknown said...

You guys are great artists! Great to hear you are doing well!