Sunday, September 26, 2010

We're Moving In

We began moving into our new house yeterday.  I am enjoying setting up a house and home again.  As I sat today looking around our new home, I was in awe at God's goodness and faithfulness.  I sat and looked at the things He has provided for us through the generosity of friends, garage sales and Craig's List with tears filling my eyes.  I was amazed to see how our new home was coming together.  We continue to thank all of you who have supported us either finacially, through gifts of furniture and very importantly, through prayer.  As you continue to pray for us, please pray that the water gets turned on at our new house.  We would have been sleeping there tonight if it had been. We called the water company on Thursday to have the water turned on Friday and they said there would be no problem.  Unfortunately, they didn't get it turned on so there is still not water at the house and therefore, we can't sleep there yet.  Erin was very disappointed but we hope to be sleeping there on Monday.  Here are a few pictures of our new home.

Living Room
 Dining Room and Kitchen
Jim's bother and sister-in-law gave us an armoir and we are using it for a bookcase.  It helps to hide some of the clutter that can happen with bookcases.  I really enjoy this piece of furniture.   Thanks Luke and Angie!
 Desk and Armoir (Closed)
 Closer picture of the kitchen.