Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

     I am not sure where the time goes.  Tomorrow will mark one year since we left Oregon.  Wow, at times it seems hard to believe.  I realized that I hadn't updated our blog in almost two weeks, so I thought I would share some pictures from the last week or so.  Last week we had a team here from Wisconsin and another team from Mexico (for 2 days) here so I was very busy.  It seems that it tired out a couple of the youngest children at Esperanza Viva also.  Molly is holding Ximena who is sleeping.  Apparently, Evenlyn was upset and fell asleep also.

Jorge got new glasses recently and now is able to see better.
German liked playing the drum that the group had with them.
The group taught us new game.  They call it Ninja Tag and Jonathan and Erin have really liked it and have been playing it ever since.
The construction on the new dormitory is continuing to move along.  The second floor is going in.

We met some people who have a son Jonathan's age.  Jonathan has a new friend, David, and he enjoys going over to their house to play.  Erin enjoys playing with their new puppy.
David and his three brothers also know how to play Ninja Tag.  This is Jonathan and his friend David.
The medianos (boys ages 8-12) are performing a dance at a despedida for the groups.  It is a farewell program to thank the groups for coming and blessing us.

Raul is the youth pastor of a church in Vera Cruz, Mexico.  He brought a youth team here for two days to minister to the children.  He was such a blessing and a joy to get to know. 
Here is Raul and one of the other leaders, Pedro.  I was very pleased to be able to hold a 30-45 minute conversation all in Spanish with them.  I guess my Spanish is improving.  In fact, during spring break, I was reorganizing my kitchen and labeling some spice jars.  I was labeling "palvo de ajo" and I could not remember what it was in English.  By the way, it is "garlic powder."  That was interesting to me.
     Last Friday, Erin went over to Madison's house, a new friend. She had such a good time and there are plans for her to get together with Madison again this Friday.   I didn't get any pictures of them so I will need to do that and post them later. 
     In less than two weeks, I will be going to a women's retreat for the weekend.  I am really looking forward to this as it is all in English.  Although my Spanish is coming along, to sit and listen to a speaker all in Spanish is still very difficult.  I do understand more but my brain has to work so hard in that type of setting.  LOL!  I have been told that when you are a missionary in another country, it is refreshing to get away for a time of being ministered to in your native language.  I guess we will see.
     Last night we had 15 chavas (teen girls) and their four supervisors over to our house to eat.  We made waffles which they all enjoyed and many of them had never had them before.  It's always fun to serve food that is new to them.  For dessert we made extra waffles and served them with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup on it.  We also shared some about our time being here, how Jim and I met, and how long we've been married.  We shared about our adult children and grandchildren.  We heard from some of them what they like to do and we talked about how God always needs to be the center of their lives.  Nothing is more important than being in the center of God's will.  It is awesome to see these young girls becoming young women and serving the Lord.  Next Saturday, we look forward to having the chavos (teen boys) over.  We asked Bryan what he would like to eat and he said he likes spaghetti a lot.  So, I think it will be spaghetti for the boys.  Although we will serve ice cream to the boys also.  They always like helado (ice cream).
     Tomorrow we have another team coming in from Pennsylvania.  It is a church that has never been here before.  Jim and I enjoy working with teams very much.  It is wonderful to get to know new people from all over the United States.  It will be a busy week but it is always a joy watch the teams with the kids. 
     I will try to update a little sooner this time.  Blessings to all of  you and may you have a blessed week.