Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anniversary Party

Okay, so now I need to back track a little. I posted pictures from our cruise but not of our anniversary party. On July 13, we had a ceremony where we renewed our vows. It was a special time with family and friends.

Although my parents and family were not able to attend (they live in New Hampshire), Ron & Nancy Beane, long time family friends were able to come down from the Seattle area. It was very special time for us.

We had one table set up to display our wedding scrapbook, the silk flower arrangement from our original flowers and also my wedding dress. One pastor who was helping us has access to all kinds of interesting things. I asked him if the church had a manican and they actually did. So, we displayed my dress on a manican. It was really cool.

Since all of our children were there, we did a family picture also.
Back row: Taylor, Preston, Jim, James and Jonathan
Front row: Dylan, Brooklyn, Kristen, Gail and Erin

We had a simple whole sheet cake made and then a small cake to put our original cake topper on. The large cake was chocolate and raspberry and the small one was white with lemon.

Jim's mom, Lois, made all the food. What a blessing she was to us. We had sandwich rollups, little quiches, sausage and cheese balls, and a veggie platter. We also had a delicious strawberry punch.

Jim and I also shared communion together.

Pastor Harry who officaited the ceremony.
George and Donna - two very dear people to us.
Erin and two of her friends.
The whole day was just as I imagined so it was wonderful. I was exhausted by the end though.