Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on Jonathan

We took Jonathan to the doctor today and he has an infection in his throat. Since we were hearing everything in Spanish I am not sure if it is strep throat or not but it is certainly an infection. The doctor also pointed out a tooth that was cracked which is infected. We knew it was cracked before we left Oregon but since it is a baby tooth, we chose to let it fall out on its own. Well, it is being stubborn and it seems that in the process it has become infected. That infection seems to have worn down his immune system which is most likely why he got strep. So, we left with a prescription for two shots which we picked up from the pharmacy. Boy are things done differently down here. Fortunately, one of our missionary friends here is a nurse and so she gave Jonathan the first shot today and he will get the second one tomorrow. Ouch! Tonight, Jonathan still had a fever even with Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I felt so bad for him when he asked me to bring a bowl up to him in bed so he could spit in it instead of swallowing. We are praying that he is much better in the morning. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Please also keep the rest of us in your prayers that we would remain healthy.

There is a lot of sickness going on down here. Several missionaries are sick as well as several kids in the home. Don't worry, it's not the swine flu. But please keep the whole ministry in your prayers. We also have a sixteen member team here from Wisconsin. So far, they are all remaining healthy.