Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jonathan is Sick Again

Please keep Jonathan in your prayers. He is sick again and running 101.6 tonight. He has a sore throat also. It is hard on him and the family. It means he can't go over to the home and we won't leave him at home for long periods of time either. So, it is trying on all of us.

On another note, I ventured out today by myself and went to Costco and to Superama to do the grocery shopping. It is the first time I have gone out only by myself. It was nice and the kids enjoyed not having to go.

After that, we rode our bikes to the home. That's when Jonathan started not feeling well. After being there just a short time, we rode our bikes back home. Then I went with Jim to the orientation of the group that arrived today. If you would like to see what other groups are like here, you can follow their blog at www.esperanzavivagroups.blogspot.com. This particular group is the River of God church and they are the home church for two missionary families here. Having the groups here is really neat and we enjoy them so much. We are looking forward to our own church's team coming in September.

Erin discovered today that bunnies like yogurt. She kept putting little bits on her nose and Cheddar would like it off. It was pretty cute!

That's all for tonight.