Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update on Jonathan #2

We are seeing improvement in Jonathan's health. Yea! He has had his second shot of penicillin and it seems that as the infection is going away, so is the swelling. As the swelling diminishes, Jonathan is telling us his cracked tooth is loose. It wasn't even loose in the States when the dentist saw it. We wonder if is was slightly swollen then or if there was already a slight infection not seen yet on x-rays. We are hopeful that as more swelling goes down, the tooth will come out on it's own and we will only need to go to the dentist to be sure all of it is out. We are grateful that Jonathan is feeling better. We are also grateful that the other members of our family are remaining healthy.

We have been very busy with a short term mission team that is here from Wisconsin. Juana, the person who usually helps the groups once they are here, is in Oaxaca with another team as a translator. So, Jim has been doing everything for this group. They are an awesome group and have made our job easy. It is great for Jim to go through the whole process of seeing a team through their entire visit. The team that is here has four or five people that speak Spanish and that is awesome. It means we don't have to come up with translators for them and their time with the kids runs much smoother.

Jim and Erin are at the youth home right now and I will be going over as soon as I am finished writing. I needed to stay home and bake brownies for the group that is here. We have what is called the Angel Program here where someone blesses the team by dropping off words of encouragement and sometimes treats, like brownies. The teams do not know who is dropping things off each day because it is just signed, "From your daily angel." We have gotten wonderful responses about it from the teams. Even though the teams come here to bless us, we want them to be blessed also.

Well, that's all for now. I will try to get some pictures up again soon. Thank you to all of you who are praying for us. We are so grateful!