Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reading Books and Playing Games

Many days when we go to the youth home, I bring some Spanish kids books with me. The kids love looking at them and reading them. Today, Chucho was reading one of the books and I noticed he was holding the book very close to his eyes in order to read it. I told Jim about it and he took his glasses off and let Chucho use them. He got a big smile on his face and held the book further back. I later asked another staff member about it and she said that Chucho had glasses but another child got hold of them and they got broken. So he hasn't had them for a while. We hope he is able to get some glasses again soon so it is easier for him to read.

This picture doesn't show him looking as close as he was at the first book. In this book, he was looking at pictures and not words like the other book. The book he was reading at first he held just about two inches from his face.

This is the book he was looking at when I first noticed the way he was reading it.

The look on his face was priceless.

Here are two of the other kids reading books.

The last few days I haven't gotten any pictures of Jonathan on here because he was sick but today he was feeling better and had gone more than 24 hours without a fever so we all went into the home today. Here are a couple of pictures that have Jonathan in them.

Tonight was another awesome worship service. It got started a bit late though because when the group that is here arrived, one of the ladies hurt her foot when she was stepping out of the van. It is possible that she broke it so while the rest of the group was in the service, several of the ladies went with her to the hospital to get it x-rayed and see what the doctor says. Please keep her and the group in your prayers as this is hard on the group when something like this happens.

We are now at the end of another very good day. Tomorrow, Erin begins her Spanish tutoring. Please keep that in your prayers also that Juan, the tutor, will be able to teach her well and that Erin would learn quickly.

Thank you for all your prayers. We can feel their effects.


Unknown said...

Great pics once again!