Friday, February 20, 2009

Pictures From Around the House

We received some more pictures today from the streets near the house. This one is on the roof looking toward Esperanza Viva (the youth home). The tall buildings in the distance are the grain towers. If you get lost, all you have to do is find the grain towers and walk toward them because the youth home is the next street over.

This is a picture looking into the back yard.

Another view from on top of the roof. It shows the gas tank.

This is the tinaco or the water tank. This is where all the water pressure comes from. You have a pump that pumps water up to the tinaco then the pressure is from the downward fall.

This is the street looking right from the house.

This is the street looking left from the house.

The kids are very excited about seeing the house we will live in, especially Erin. We look forward to being able to do things with the kids and staff in the big back yard. That will be so awesome!