Sunday, February 15, 2009

Erin's First Gymnastics Meet

Today was an exciting day for Erin. She had her first gymnastics meet and she did a great job. Here is Erin, her coach Donita and her friend Janina. Erin and Janina are the only level 4 gymnasts at our gym.

Janina's mom did their hair yesterday so that it would stay out of their eyes. It came out really cute.

Warm ups.

Erin's first event was the uneven bars. During warm ups on the bars she was having a very hard time. Donita even had to help her up on to the bar and she wasn't doing any of her skills on her own without help. But she suprised everyone during the actual meet and received an 8.650.

Next was the beam. Again in pratice this week she was very shaky on the beam and was falling off a lot. But when she got on during the meet, she was quite steady and did great receiving an 8.850. It was so awesome to watch her come through on it after all her hard work in practice.

The next event was floor. She enjoys floor the most. Until last week though she was having a hard time because she couldn't get her round off back hand spring. Well, she got in the middle of the week and she did it at the meet also. Her score on floor was 8.70.

The last event was vault. It is hard to get pictures of vault because they go so fast. Her vault score was 8.850.

For her first meet ever, she did very well. Her all around score was 34.60. Awesome!
After the meet, Jim said she could do the next meet also. So, she has her next meet on Saturday, February 28th. That will be all the meets she does since there are no more lined up before we move. We are glad she was at least able to do these two while she is here.


Anonymous said...

Great job Erin!!!