Sunday, February 15, 2009

Exciting News and the Next Step in Our Move

Today we received some pictures of a house that Juana found for us to check out. Juana is a staff member at Esperanza Viva in Mexico. She has been given the job of looking for a place for us. She sent us a bunch of pictures which I will share if we choose that house. For now I am just showing the front of the house. It looks like it would fit our family well and the price is right. It is a two story house with three bedrooms, one and a half baths and it has a yard. One of the things it has that not all houses have are closets in the bedrooms. That is a big plus! Also it has a complete kitchen with cabinets. That is also something that is not an automatic. The landlord is willing to work with us on the price for the rent. Erin is very excited about the house and loves the pictures. She wants this one. We first need to find out exactly where it is and how close to walking distance from the youth home it is. We also need to know if we can get high speed Internet there. One thing we really want to be able to do while we are in Mexico is to keep in contact with all of you here. We want to be able to keep you updated on what we are doing and how God is working. So having Internet access is very important. I will pass on more pictures as soon as we decide if we are taking this house or not. Please keep us in prayer as we try to make a decision on our housing and check back soon.


Mom of thirteen said...

Is that a staircase on the left side of the house? Where does it go to?

Gail said...

It goes to the roof. In Mexico, your water pressure comes from a big holding tank on the roof. Erin wants this house so she can go to the roof and look out. So far everything is working out so most likely this will be the house we will take. We are waiting to find out if we can get high speed internet there. If so, then we will be renting this house. We should find out in the next day or two.