Sunday, May 03, 2009

On the Road Again

After a two days of not updating, I will try to update what has gone on in the last two days. On Saturday morning we left Phoenix, AZ and drove to Las Cruces, New Mexico. There was some really interesting rock formations at a rest area in New Mexico.



I just through this one was really neat.

On Friday night, I realized that I knew someone in Las Cruces. I went to vocational high school and attended an early childhood education class in my junior and senior years. Carol Baker was my teacher and I have continued to be in contact with her all these years through Christmas cards. I called her and we ended up having dinner with them and they graciously opened their home to us. We spent the night and left early this morning. We had a wonderful visit and it was good to catch up with Carol and her husband, Richard.

Richard and Carol Baker with Gail.

Interesting landscape in Texas

Tomorrow we are spending the day in San Antonio. We will be going down to The River Walk and the The Alamo. Then in the evening we are going to Wayne and Judy Clark's house. It is amazing how many people we know across this big nation. Wayne was the pastor of the church that I went to when I was a teenager. My mom and dad reminded me that they live in San Antonio so we contacted them. They are planning a dinner of BBQed ribs. Yummm! We are looking forward to seeing them. God has been so good at bringing us together with other believers all across the country.

We hope to enter Mexico on Tuesday. Once we do will not have phone contact with the US but we hope to still be able to update the blog. There are still hotels with free Wi-Fi in Mexico. I'll update about our day in San Antonio before then though. Please continue to pray for health. Jim has had a cold the last day or so. I think he got it from me but we would like him totally over it before we cross the border. Thanks for all your prayers so far, we are definitely feeling them.