Friday, May 29, 2009

Curtains for Erin's Room

Yesterday I accomplished a big job. I sewed curtains for Erin's room. It took five panels for her room and I finished just in time to get things cleaned up before Jim came home from the youth home. Erin chose a Baby Pooh Bear pattern. Not what I would have expected but I am glad she is not totally grown up like she tries to act sometimes. We also found some little foam wall hangings to put in her room. I will be trying to get the rest of the curtains for the house done in the next week.

Last night we had a worship and praise time with a group that is here from Oaxaca. We had a great time in prayer and praise and then some social time after. This is the first group that has come since we arrived. We will be going into the home today and checking out what they do with the kids. With leading four teams down here and coming up with all our ideas, it will be fun to see what activities other teams do with the kids. I believe they had some skits planned. Of course, since they are from Mexico, it will all be in Spanish so the kids and I can practice our understanding.

Jim finished his first week at the home. It was a good week and he is catching on to what the different aspects of the home and groups that come in. On Monday, Jerry will be adding more to his list of jobs. I will be helping him from home in organizing some of the files he uses for the groups. The groups that come are a major part of the ministry. The kids love when they come and they enjoy that people would give up their time and money to come and be with them.

The kids and I went to the home on Thursday and Erin and I helped with some of the little ones. They were drawing pictures for their sponsors and we were able to help with the stickers. It is a great way to practice our Spanish. Jonathan was able to play some basketball with some of the kids. We hope to go to the home more often once we are totally settled in.

We hope you all have a wonderful day. Feel free to e-mail us at or Our American phone number is now set up also so you can call our home phone number that we had in Portland. If you don't know that number, please e-mail me and we will send it to you. I hesitate putting it here since this is so public. We are two hours ahead of everyone in Oregon. Our phone number is an Internet phone so if you live in the Portland area, it does not cost you to call. It is as if we are right next door. We hope to hear from you soon.