Monday, May 25, 2009

Megacable Came Today! We Have Internet at Home!

After a long wait and three times being told "tomorrow," Megacable finally came today and installed our Internet. Yea! We are so happy! I can finally update my blog from our own home.

Since my last blog, we have received our furniture. Yea! Our house is finally feeling like a home. It was supposed to arrive on Friday, but as with many things here, we are learning patience. It came on Saturday instead. It has been hard to get used to the smell that will eventual fade. The furniture we bought is made with green wood and apparently they coat it with diesel to seal it. So, our house has smelled like a gas station for the last few days. It is fading with all the windows open and the fans on. Thank the Lord for nice days with no rain. We are very grateful.

This is our living room set. It came with the couch, love seat, chair, coffee table and two end tables. We added an entertainment center to the set.

We got a hutch that fits great in the kitchen. It holds our dishes as well as holding food items on the bottom.

This is our dining room set, bookcase and computer desk.

This is the wrought iron that is inserted in the dining room table, coffee table and two end tables.

In our bedroom set we got a base for our bed, a headboard, two night stands, a dresser and mirror. Our bed has plastic between the mattress and the base because the stain was not totally dry yet. Boy do they do things different here.

The kids each picked out their own headboard style. Erin chose a matramonia or a full size bed. Jonathan chose an individual or a twin size.
Erin chose a headboard with the wrought iron in it. Her wrought iron is a different style than what we have in the furniture down stairs. There were three styles to choose from.

I love this picture of the kids with the dog. It shows Jonathan's style headboard.

We furnished the whole house for 21,500 pesos or $1,650 USD. We are very pleased with everything. I think I will wait to light my one candle I brought though until the smell of diesel is totally gone. :o)

Jim started working at the home today. He is working on ministry promotions which is a very wide spread job. It is hard to really tell all the things he is doing. It will include everything from correspondance, website, newletters, sponsorship and more. Right now he getting to know everyone and the departments they work in and finding out who is in charge of what. He was able to spend some time with the kids also by eating lunch with them. We found out some of what is needed with the kids. There is a great need to mentor the supervisors who are young and are in a parental role but they have never been parents before. We know that God will continue to open doors for us to minister in ways He knows are best.

The kids and I have not been able to get in to the home much. Today we were waiting around most of the day for Megacable and then by the time they came, there was no time left to go to the home. Hopefully we will be able to get in to see the kids soon. I also need to see about setting up tutoring for Spanish for me and maybe the kids. The kids started today using our Rosetta Stone again and that will help. We are hearing them using Spanish more and more. We have encouraged them to use whatever Spanish they know and then more can be added as time goes by. I am sure they will pick it up quickly.

Well, that's all for this update. We will try to update more since we have Internet in our own home now. Thank you for your prayers. We really do feel them and they mean more than you know.


Alexis said...

As usual, I love hearing how you are doing. Huh, I knew they did things differently down there... intrestingb with the gasoline smell. Keep up the blogging! :)

Frances said...

Your furniture looks pretty and indestructible. That's important with teenagers!

Unknown said...

I love it! I wish you could get it at that price new in the states, it's beautiful!

Gail said...

That would be nice wouldn't it. It is very rustic furniture. We need to be careful not to leave wet things on it because it soaks right in. We really like it though and the diesel smell is really going down. Yea!

Lissa said...

Your house is looking more like a home every day!

Gail said...

It's feeling more like a home everyday also. The next thing is to buy fabric for curtains. We bought a sewing machine so I will be making our curtains. Curtains are so expensive here.

Katherine said...

I love the pic of the kids and Nacho, too. You can do photography, besides all the other things you have going! ;)