Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're Home!

Well, the eight people on our team (Jim, Gail, Erin, Jonathan, Nici, Adrina, Rose and Mike) that came home yesterday touched down last night at about 11:30 PM. Five of the team members made it to the bus station and from their they were on their way to Taxco for a vacation tacked onto the end of the mission trip. We hope they are having lots of fun.

It sure wasn't hard to condition ourselves to being able to drink the tap water and also to put our toilet paper in the toilet. I think it was mentioned before but Mexico's plumbing is so bad that you cannot flush the toilet paper. It is nice to be back to normal for now. Next April/May it will be normal to not be able to do these things.

I will be adding pictures later but for now, I have a lot of clothes to put away and suitcases to empty. So, check back soon for more.