Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Blog

Blog written by: Jim
October 16
The morning started with Rose being sick and having to stay behind with Adrina in the morning along with Erin and Gail stayed with her in the afternoon. The good thing that came out of it is that the guest house got a good cleaning (by Adrina and Erin not Rose). We were all pleased that Rose was feeling much better by the end of the day.

This was the third and last day helping Ryan clear out and reorganize the work shop area, while this was our last work day Ryan still has work to do. We did get an amazing amount of work done in our three days. It was amazing how much stuff was in there and it reminded me of our own home when we moved last year, it was amazing how much “stuff” we had accumulated over the years. Jim and Mike built a new shelf to store wood planks, it was not until it was almost completely finished that Ryan came in and looked at it and while it was exactly what he wanted he realized that we had built it in one room while it needed to put in another and it was simply way too big for any of the doorways. We had painted ourselves into the proverbial corner. Faced with dismantling the entire thing Ryan decided we could cut it in half move it to the other room and use some boards to splice it back together. Success!

The kids are getting closer to us every day and it will be very difficult to leave next week. The despedidas (farewells) are always full of tears. In the afternoon we had a sponsorship presentation of the kids that need sponsors. Steve and Sue decided to sponsor an entire family of four children. When they told the kids, they were so excited and gave their new sponsors big hugs and huge smiles. They will be getting closer over the next few days. Once they know that you are their new sponsor they form a bond with you and it only grows with time.

In the evening the staff of Espernaza Viva came over to the guest house for a time of praise and prayer. What a time it was, it is impossible to describe with words the way God is working here. The best I can say is His Spirit washed over us all in a powerful way. The staff prayed for our group and we all prayed for Pastor Jose from Oaxaca and his family.

One of the best things that happened is that Bridget gave birth to a baby boy. She had a thirty hour labor from the time her water broke until she gave birth. She was determined to have a natural birth at home since here in Mexico the doctors like to do cesareans. Pastor Jose’s wife, Ella was the midwife but eventually after more that 24 hours they went to a nearby clinic and signed the paper work to do the cesarean. However the doctors were running bit behind and in the meantime Bridgett felt a big urge to push and three minutes later little Asher came into the world at about 7 lbs. Praise God! Both Mom and baby are doing fine.

From Gail:
Thank you for all your prayers for Rose. She is back to normal today (Friday) and had a great time shopping. We'll share more about that in tomorrow's blog. She was dong a lot better last night and even walked to the ice cream shop with the team. Then she participated in the worship time with the staff. Thank the Lord for answered prayers.