Friday, October 17, 2008

Lissas Blog from Wednesday

I mentioned that I would get Lissa's blog on here so here it is. This is from what we did on Wednesday.

Written by: Lissa
Today was a special day because we were able to go to church this evening! Our neighbor, Jose, the pastor staying at the house next to us, preached a thought provoking sermon talking about the universality of the concept of sacrifice across cultures and about sacrifice in the Old and New testaments and reminded us to keep our eyes on Jesus on the cross and how we need to stay up there with him, to be crucified with Christ. Everyone was really moved by the worship as well, which focused on being a aromatic sacrifice to the Lord (which was interesting because we had talked about that very concept in our devotionals this week).

After church, we had a great surprise. Cinthia and Martin, who used to work at EV, but moved back to Veracruz to get married and work in a church there, were in town for a conference. It was wonderful to see them and get caught up on their lives.

It was a good end to a productive day. This morning we continued to work on the organization project and moved a planer that weighs more than our whole team (maybe)! We also built some shelves and organized and sorted a whole bunch of electrical and plumbing and misc. hardware. The workshops are looking good!

This afternoon we finished handing out the memory books to the boys and to the girls that didn’t work on them yesterday. The kids were really excited to find out the meaning of their names and work in their books. We sang two songs with the kids again and I must say that our choral abilities are sounding good!