Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Unreached People Group

Do these children look like there is no hope for them?

While we were in Mexico, Jerry (the founder of Esperanza Viva) shared how the home began. It started with one eight year old boy who was living on the streets with no where to go. The streets were his home. He earned money in ways we would not even want to think about. In the process of trying to find him a home, Jerry took the boy to many different places who all said no, they couldn't take him. The last place he took the boy was a Christian organization. They asked where the boy was found and the answer was on the streets. In front of the child, the person from that organization said that there was no hope for children like him. No hope? Well, this is what began Esperanza Viva which means Living Hope because we know that with Jesus, there is hope for everyone. No one was reaching these children. No one was taking them in and helping them to know the love of Jesus. They were an unreached people group.

The home has been in existence for 14 years now and has given homes to more than 300 children. The state now brings children to them, children who before were thought to be hopeless. God is in the business of restoring lives. What better place to start than in a child's life.
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