Monday, January 26, 2009

Packing Curriculum

We are now down to 2-1/2 months before our departure to Mexico. In the past weeks I have been putting together our curriuculum for homeschooling. Knowing that we won't be coming back for up to two years, I have needed to purchase two or more years of each subject. So, what you see in the picture is what we are bringing so far. I am trying to keep all of our books to no more than what will fit in these three boxes. This has been very hard. I have gotten rid of far more than this by bringing old curriculum to a local homeschool store that sells used curriculum on consignment. This has helped pay for some of what we have purchased.

The thought of bringing only what fits in our car is a bit overwhelming at times. We will have a cargo carrier on the top of the car and we have a shelf that hooks into the hitch on the back of our car. That will add a little more space of which I am extremely grateful.

I think that is all for now. I will keep posting as we get closer to our depature date which is now looking like it will be closer to April 13th instead of the 20th.