Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

Well, school is back in session and we are working at catching up on some things since we got a little behind during the Christmas tree lot season. The kids are not real thrilled with doing two or three lessons of grammar and math but that is life.

I have also been putting together a curriculum order for the next two to three years. Some things I have to wait on because I am not sure if they will work but some of the curriculum, I have used in the past with great success so we will order those with no problem.

We are now down to approximately three months out from our move date. I found out that Jim's last day at work is April 11 so we may leave before the time on our ticker by about a week. We'll see where we are at the time. By that time, Kristen and her family will be moved into our house here and we will be staying next door at my mother-in-law's house. That will be quite cramped but we will manage.

I am continuing to bring stuff to Good Will. On Saturday, I brought four or five more boxes and bags to Good Will and one more box of books to the curriculum store to be sold on consignment. I was able to get our office cleaned out on Saturday and it really looks good. The thing I know is that I will have to do that again several more times before we leave.

We sent out our support letters and tear off cards. We have heard from some people that they have received them. We are trusting God to provide for us. Every time I start to get worried if we will be funded, I hear God speak and say that he has it in control. So, I need to do my part and rest in Him. At the beginning of the school year we read a book on the life of George Muller and it was quite encouraging when it comes to thinking about our support. We also have some friends that went on a short term trip to Poland last October. We saw God provide for them at the last minute which was very encouraging also. I have seen in the past that God is many times a God of the eleventh hour. But I have also seen times when he is the God of the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute. Have you experienced that also? One thing I know, God is our provider and he will continue to show himself faithful in this area.

We are getting more and more excited about our move. I am even beginning to dream about it. There is sadness also though. The thought of leaving our grandchildren and adult children behind is hard but I know that God will be with us through that also.

Well, that is all for now. I just wanted to update you on where we are at.