Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Change in Departure Date

As we are getting closer to our departure date, it is becoming more clear exactly how things will be working out. Previously I had set our departure date as April 20 but with some recent changes, we will actually be leaving either Sunday, April 12 or Monday, April 13. A very dear friend of ours in Sacramento is setting up a time for us to be able to talk with people from their church and share about Esperanza Viva and our calling there. This is very exciting for us as it will be another church contact. It could only be arranged on April 13th or 14th so our departure date had to change.

As we are looking at what we need to bring, we are also slimming down things again. Jim is going to start bringing things to San Jose that he can take back to Mexico with him on his visits to San Jose. He will need to go back to San Jose about every four months to check on some things for Adrian. This is helpful in trying to get some of the curriculum we bought for school down to Mexico. I have purchased things that we are not going to use until a couple of years from now, so those things we do not need down there right away. So, I am sorting through more to take just what we need to start with.

Today we continued to go through our storage room at my mother-in-law's house and we were able to clear out a whole lot more that is going into the storage room in the shed. When we get closer to leaving, we will move Jonathan's bed over to her house so she can use it when guests come over.

It is still a bit mind boggling that we leave in 2-1/2 months. In weeks it is just 10-1/2 weeks away. Yikes! Please continue to pray for us as we walk into this next season of our lives. That is all for now. We'll keep you posted.