Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Spanish News

Well, I did my interview with the Rene at Esperanza Viva today. I don't feel like I did very well but I also know that I am continually learning. It was hard to understand Rene since the connection didn't seem very good. He had to ask a couple of the questions in English because I just couldn't understand them. I think I was able to answer them okay but not as well as I would have liked to. It is hard over the phone though. Facial expressions say a lot about whether the other person understands what you are saying and I get a lot out of hand gestures and facial expressions when someone is talking to me. So, all that to say, I know I need to learn a lot more and I am learning more and more every day. I need to do more listening to native speakers so that I can understand when someone talks to me. So, tonight I was listen and watching Cheaper by the Dozen in Spanish. I also put on some of my Spanish worship CDs. I will keep plugging along and just hope they don't want to send me to Guatemala for language school.