Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Made It to the Grand Canyon

     This morning started out a little different than we had planned. Jim went out to load the van with our suitcases and saw that a tire was low. After inspecting the tire, he discovered it had been punctured by a nail. Being Friday, he figured he could find a place that was open to fix it. He was wondering where a tire place might be and looked across the street and saw a big tire sign. Isn't God good? He is carrying us on this trip and for that we are truly grateful.      The rest of the day was pretty uneventful although we again hit some amazingly heavy rains. We had quite a few stops and I was wondering if we would really see the Grand Canyon today. We did not plan for it to be a long stop, we just wanted the kids to see it, which we finally did around 6:30. What an amazing sight. God is the creator of such beautiful landscapes, from the mountains, to the valleys, to the canyons. We are in awe of His wonders.
     Tonight, both kids are wanted to drive farther so we are doing some night driving. It will be our latest night and I am not sure where we will end up. In fact, I am writing this blog while we are driving so that whenever we do stop, it will be easier to get information to you. Jim actually enjoys driving at night and we have been able to see a beautiful sunset because of it.
     10:15 PM: Well, we are now stopping for the night in Kingman, Arizona. Tomorrow, we hope to make it to San Jose, California where we will spend a couple of days.
     Thank you again for all of your prayers. We do feel them and we are really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone. I am also getting very excited to meet our youngest grandson who was born in June.

Different scenery on the way to the Grand Canyon.
We were not expecting the forest and it reminded us of Oregon.
More rain, we can't seem to get away from it.
The Grand Canyon
The sunset on the way out from the Grand Canyon