Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tonight, We're in Matamoros

We had another great day of travel today.  It was a shorter day which was nice also.  We left Ciudad Victoria around 12:30 this afternoon and arrived in Matamoros around 4:00.  We were able to visit Esperanza Viva Matamoros for a short time.  We so enjoyed our visit with Elias and Vania (his daughter).  We missed visiting with Flora, Elias's wife, because she is visiting her mother in Oaxaca.  Now we are at our hotel and Jim and the kids are swimming. I am sitting in an airconditioned room which is really nice.  It is quite warm here and very humid. 
Scenery on the road today.
As we entered Matamoros we saw flooding as a results of releasing water from several dams.
Visiting with Elias and Vania was a highlight of the day.
Swimming at the hotel.
Prayer requests for tomorrow:
* Please pray that turning in our FM3 visas to immigration will go quickly and smoothly.
* That everything will go well in customs on the US side.
* Safe travel as we continue on our journey.