Friday, July 30, 2010

Off to See the Grand Canyon

We gained two hours last night.  We crossed over yesterday to the Mountain Time Zone which helped us gain an hour of travel time.  That was awesome but it was quite funny when we got into bed last night and the clock was an hour behind our watches.  We were going to change the hotel clock but I decided to call the front desk to see what time it was.  Sure enough, it was not 10:30 but 9:30.  I had totally forgotten that Arizona does not do Day Light Savings Time.  So, we gained another hour and for our family and friends in California and Oregon, we are on the same time zone now.  It was good for us to be in bed at 9:30 last night, even though to our bodies it was 11:30.  The great thing was getting up this morning and letting the kids know that it was almost like sleeping in.  Everyone is up now and although it is only 7:30, we can tell the kids that to them, it is like 9:30.  Erin said, "Wow, It's like I slept in this morning!"  LOL!

We have another long day of travel ahead of us, but this afternoon, we will be stopping to see the Grand Canyon.  We will be within 100 miles of it and we just cannot be that close without detouring to see it.  Please continue to pray for travel safetly and health.  We are all doing well so far.  My Fibromyalgia is acting up a little and my muscles have been sore with the lack of movement but God is getting me through.  Thank you for all of your prayers and we look forward to seeing family and friends again.