Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to Get Moving

Well, I have put the tree and the Christmas decorations away. I have saved out a small plastic shoe box of Christmas ornaments saved out to bring to Mexico. We knew we needed to bring some ornaments but we also knew that it couldn't be a lot. So, we will just have to buy some Christmas lights next year and maybe a few ball ornaments. Now that Christmas is over and there are only three and a half months until our move, it is time to get serious about getting rid of stuff. My mother-in-law has a room in her house that is our storage room. Today, I plan on going over there and beginning to sort through things to get rid of the stuff we don't need to store, which will be a lot. There are the sentimental things that will be put in plastic bins and stored in our shed for us while we are gone but there are some things in that room that have just stayed there for over a year when we moved that I know we don't need. Once I get that room sorted through, it will be time to do the same in our house. Of course there is much that we still need to use while we are living here but there is also a lot that we don't need to use while and will help me focus a lot more if they are gone.

Kristen and Taylor and the kids will be moving into our house while we are in Mexico or at least for the first few years. One of the blessings in that is that they want to use some of our furniture and we will not have to store it. So, we will not have to store our bedroom set, our couch and rocker, or our hutch. There is also white wicker furniture in Erin's room that they will be using for Brooklyn. That saves so much hassle for us and it blesses them. It is so neat to see how the Lord works everything out.

The other thing that begins this week is sending out support letters. For those that don't know, we need to raise our own support for our missionary work in Mexico. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please e-mail me your name and address at and we will send you our support information and our upcoming newsletters.

I will keep you updated on all that is going on as we move closer to our departure date. The reality is that it's coming up very fast and before I know it, we will be saying good-bye to friends and family and learning to live in a new country and a totally different culture. Please pray for us as we continue on our journey.