Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22

Jim made it home this morning about 12:45AM. He and Jermaine drove from San Jose to make it home which is good because this morning they still had not opened up the Portland airport. They would still be stuck in San Jose if they had not driven home with more snow on the way. They were also able to give a ride to two members of the military who were on their way back to the northwest, Airman Veronica is now with her uncle in Lake Oswego while Marine David is trying to make it to his parents in Seattle but we got him to family members who live in Wood Village. They had great travel and were surprised how clear it was of snow until they got close to Portland. We are glad to have them back home for the holidays. Jim was really concerned of not making it home from San Jose until after Christmas, so this is a true blessing.

Here are some more pictures. Some of them are the same and that is not to be redundant but instead to be able to compare to past days.

Out out backdoor, the piles have grown.

This is looking up at the road where there should be some guard rails. They are gone though in the drifts of snow.

Jim had to put chains on the rental car to bring it back. The neighbor offered to help which was a very big help!

Snow drifts around the car.

There should be a road here but it seems to be gone.

More snow drifts.

This is a neighbors house. The drifts on to of the box are amazing.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home! Stay warm and Merry Christmas to all!!!

Gail said...

It has been a great day having him home. We even had a plow come down our street so we ventured out to finish Christmas shopping and grocery shopping for Christmas Eve. Yea! It's so pretty but I would not want to drive in it so Jim did. Merry Christmas to you too. See you soon.