Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

It has been a wonderful day and for those of you in the Fairview/Gresham area, if you looked out your windows, there was an amazing sight of snow falling in huge flakes . It was absolutely beautiful and something that does not happen around here. Having a white Christmas is not something we see. What a wonderful God we serve that would allow us to have see this before we move to Mexico where will not have snow at all. It is absolutely amazing! The kids are yelling that the snow flakes are the size of golf balls.

It looks like so much more snow falling when you are seeing it personally
than it looks like through these pictures.

This is looking over at the freeway that is about 1/10 of a mile away.

This is snow that has piled up on a small shed by the side of our house.

This side of the house is actually sheltered a bit.

Here are snow piles that Jim was shoveling off our awning at our back door.

The pile was 30-36 inches deep. There have been awnings like ours that have collapsed under the weight. We are very glad he noticed it before that happened.

James came over and spent Christmas Eve with us and then spent the night to be here on Christmas morning. The kids are able to open one present on Christmas Eve and they chose to open their presents from James last night. We had a great time playing Erin's new game that she received from him.

I think she likes her the hand she was dealt.

I actual did it. I took a picture that came out by holding the camera out in front of us. I see Kristen do this all the time but mine never come out. This one of me and James did though. Yea!

For my older children whom we have told that we were going light in years past, here is the proof for this year. Half of the presents under there are still to be sent back east. Well, you didn't expect miracles, did you? Like getting our package sent out on time?

James is opening his gift of money to go towards tools. There is one tool that he wants that is quite expensive. We could not get it all for him but we at least helped him get closer to getting it.

Jonathan's big present was a Star Wars Lego AT-TE Walker. He has spent the rest of the day so far trying to put it all together. There are 499 pieces to it.

Erin got a new pink metallic Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas. Other than their big presents, they got socks and a new Bible.

We also did some new movies for the family that we have wanted. Jonathan opened The Hobbit.

Later, Jermaine and Ashely came by to exchange gifts also. Jermaine is home until January 3rd. He will be doing some recruiting duty later.

The only thing that would have made this Christmas day better was to be able to have Kristen, Taylor and the kids here. We did celebrate with them the other night which was wonderful. I had mentioned to Jim about maybe going over to see them, and then the snow started. It kind of changed my mind. We are glad to have been able to spend part of the Christmas season with all of our children. God is so good to bless us with such a wonderful family. That is the best gift here on earth that we could ask for. We are so blessed.