Sunday, November 09, 2008

We Made It Another Night

Here we are at the hospital. Kristen made it through another night although we were wondering at some points. Taylor went home last night to be with the kids and I stayed here at the hospital with Kristen. She was having some regular contractions last night while and they were not super strong they were uncomfortable. Kristen ended up taking something to help her sleep and she finally got several hours of sleep in one stretch. We think she was having contractions all night since when she woke up this morning she started right in with them. Unfortunately the monitor is not working all the time so once she fell asleep, the contractions were not recorded. The monitors track by pressure and since Kristen is early, they are not tracking as well since she is not as big as someone who is full term. If it doesn't track, there is a button to push when a contraction starts and then it is pushed again when the contraction is over. It's hard to track them that way when you are sleeping. This morning we have finally gotten them tracking on the monitor so she can rest without paying attention to pushing buttons. Victory still looks wonderful and his heart beat is great! So, keep watching for the next update.