Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jermaine and Liberty Day

This morning, Ashley and I left the hotel on the shuttle at 7:00 AM. We got to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) and took a shuttle on the base to get breakfast. Time seemed to go at a snails pace. We were able to get a glimpse of Jermaine during the motivational run. He had a hard time not smiling when he saw Ashley. The Liberty Ceremony, which is the ceremony that is held right before the marines are released for their free afternoon with their families, took place at 11:30 and the marines were finally released at 12:30. We then had the afternoon, until 4:45 to spend with him. It was so good to see him and he looks great. We did find out that he didn't stay out of trouble while in boot camp. He was promoted, then demoted, then promoted, then demoted again. He did end up at the end of boot camp as one of only two marines that are private first class rank (E2) in his platoon.

We are now back at the hotel and we are awaiting our time tomorrow to see him graduate. We are so proud of him. He looks really good in uniform. I'll share more tomorrow but it may not be until I get home tomorrow night. So, keep watching. I also can't post pictures until I get home. So keep watching.

I am so glad that Kristen was able to post her update that way everyone could know how things are going before now.