Saturday, November 08, 2008

Update on Kristen and baby Victory

Well, baby Victory is still tuck safely away inside mommy where he should be at this time. He is doing great! His heart beat has stayed wonderful and there is no sign of distress so all is well there. Kristen had been having contraction pretty good yesterday but they mainly went away with an occasional one coming here and there by night time. We all got a little sleep last night which was good. The doctor came in this morning and said that he was surprised she hadn't gone into full labor but that was good. Women who do not go into full labor within the first 24 hours of their water breaking have a better chance of hanging on longer before the baby is born. It is possible that she could go another week to two weeks before delivering but it could be sooner, we just don't know. With Victory doing so well, she is restricted to her bed except for bathroom breaks and a shower as to try to keep him inside longer. She is supposed to get lots of calories and not burn many so that Victory will fatten up and grow more. Every day gives him a better chance of doing well once he enters the world. Thank you for your prayer and we will update as we know things.