Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Been Way Too Long!

     Has it really been almost two months since I last updated our blog? That's way too long so I will try to update how things are going in pictures.

     We are having a wonderful time reconnecting with our grandkids.  We have been able to spend some birthdays with them, babysit them and just spend time with them.  I realized after looking at my pictures that I have pictures of them all except Victory.  I think he was taking a nap when I got the camera out.  I will try hard to get pictures of Victory at Christmas.
Dylan (6)
 Preston (3)
 Terrel (8)
 Brooklyn (4)
 On November 23rd we received a dusting of snow.  We all enjoyed that.
 We enjoyed Thanksgiving with all of our kids. 
James with Brooklyn
 Erin with Samuel
 The three older boys showing us their airsoft guns.
 I tried a new pie recipe and it was a big hit - a Crunchy Caramel Apple pie.  James says whenever I make it again, I can invite him over.  There were no leftovers.
 Erin and Kristen - no similarities here, are there?
 James, Jonathan, Kristen and Erin
 Jim putting the lights on the Christmas tree
 The kids decorating the tree

 The final view
 The last update is one where I should have taken before and after pictures.  Jim's hair had gotten so long it was curling.  He kept asking me to cut his hair, something I was a little scared of doing.  I had cut Jonathan's hair but for some reason, this seemed a lot different.  Well, I finally got enough courage to do it.  It actually came out pretty good.
     We are really looking forward to having Christmas Eve with the kids at our house this year. It is coming very quickly but I think we are almost ready.