Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at the Carlson's

Christmas Eve began with dinner with Kristen, Taylor, and the grandkids and Jim's mom (Gan).  James got called in so he came later and had some dinner once he was there.
 Kristen and Jonathan
 Kristen, Victory, and Taylor
 Jim's mom (Gan) and Erin
 Gail and Jim
 Brooklyn, Terrel, Preston and Dylan (left to right, back to front)
Gan opening her gift from Kristen and Tayor - new pictures of their family.
 Brooklyn got play food from Grandpa and Grandma.
Erin with nail polish and fake nails.  Every girl's dream.
 Kristen is helping Victory open his gift from us.  It was a package of match box cars.  He was very excited!
 Preston, Terrel, and Dylan opening their gift from us.
 They all got Nurf guns.  The only problem is their papa (Taylor) didn't get one.  They'll have to share.
 Everyone got hats from Gan this year. 
 The grand kids had made cookies to bring over.  Yummm....
 Christmas morning began just after 8:00. I think that's the latest we've ever began. Here is Erin with her big gift - a nail art kit. She was very happy.

 And Jonathan was very pleased with his new video game.  (Thanks to great sales)
 James opening presents.  Now I think he has the right idea, opening presents while still laying in bed.
 Jonathan began his right of passage into becoming a man - his first shave.  We have been noticing quite a bit of dark hair on that upper lip.  So, "Santa" brought some razors and shaving cream.
 I am really not sure how ready I am with all this growing up stuff but I guess I will need to deal with it.
We hope that you all had wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior.  We pray that you have a wonderful new year and that you come to know the Lord in a deeper way throughout the year.