Monday, August 09, 2010

First Few Days in Oregon

On Friday we went over to our friends, the Chamber's house.  We had Papa Murphy's pizza, which is one of our favorites, we have not been able to have it for such a long time.!  The kids were able to go swimming which was very fun for them.
Me and my friend, Lynn
Last night we went to church at our home church, East Hill.  We had a wonderful time reconnecting with people and worshipping with our church family. 
This was amazing!  It was a rainbow that began and ended where you see it here.  The picture doesn't do it justice as to how brillant the colors were.  It was pretty amazing.  The interesting thing is that we saw another on like this tonight in a totally different place.  God is very creative.
This morning we went to Taylor and Kristen's church because Diligence was being dedicated.  Here is Jim and Dylan.
Me and baby Diligence
Jonathan with Dylan and Terrel
In the afternoon, we went back to Taylor and Kristen's house to visit.  They recently moved to a new house with 2-1/2 acres of land.  It's a great place for the kids to play.
Taylor and PJ
Kristen and Victory
Erin and Diligence
PJ all dressed up
Diligence, Dylan and PJ
Erin is spending the night tonight with Taylor and Kristen and she is going clothes shopping tomorrow.  She is just a little bit excited.  Jonathan went to youth group tonight and had a great time!  This was such a pleasure to see.