Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Another Good Day

We had another good day today visiting with the Howells.  This afternoon, Stacey's boys were playing in the hose.  Gavin just liked the hose and DJ was trying to make a waterfall by pouring water from a bucket down the retaining wall.  Very creative.
Here is Gavin checking out the hose and filling the dog's water bowl.
DJ pouring the water to make his waterfall.
Tonight Adrian and Gloria treated us to dinner at Black Angus.  Adrian had heard that I hadn't had a steak since moving to Mexico and wanted to take us out so that we could get steak.  Oh, it was so good!  Thank you so much Adrian and Gloria.  What a wonderful treat that was.
Our plan at this time is to leave tomorrow afternoon and go to Redding, California and spend the night.  Then we will travel the rest of the way to Oregon on Thursday.  We are getting very excited to see everyone but we are so grateful for the restful time we have had here in San Jose before finishing our trip.