Monday, February 01, 2010


     What a wonderful weekend this was.  We had a conference at our church here called Es Tiempo de Entregarse (Time to Surrender).  It was a weekend of worship, speakers, prayer tents and encouragement.  One blessing we had was four men from our church in Oregon came to minister at the conference so we were able to see some familiar faces from our home church and receive some personal encouragement.  In the past, we have always enjoyed times with Ron, Todd, Wally and Mike.  They have prayed over each team we have brought down to Esperanza Viva in the past so it was such a neat time to have them here with us.

Not many of our pictures from inside the church came out but here is one of Todd praying for someone.
Outside in the tents during the ministry times.


     After church, the guys came to our house for a time of fellowship and good food.  I had made some homemade chili and guacamole with chips.   We also bought some of the local bread to go with it.  Later we had some traditional sweet breads and coffee.  The fellowship was wonderful and there were many gut wrenching laughs had during our visit.  What a refreashing time. 

Visiting at our house in the afternoon on Sunday. 
Ron is catching up on Facebook.
Erin is becoming friends with Ron on Facebook while sitting in the same room.
     Here is a video of the last worship time for the conference.  The youth that wanted to totally surrender to the Lord were called forward for prayer, which was almost all of the youth.  It was an intense and awesome time to see so many youth go forward.  There was also prayer for all the parents for wisdom and direction in raising and training these young people as arrows being shot forth for the Lord.  After the prayer time, there was the final worship.  It was so fun to see Ron take part in the dancing.  We had to get some video of it.  It's a little long, but this is how many worship services go with the youth here.  It is awesome to see.