Friday, February 26, 2010

Dinner with the Frontier Fellowship Team

Last night we went up to the group house to say good-bye to another team that was here this week.  They were just trying to find a way to go out to eat and I arrived at just the right time.  I took three members of the team to the same restaurant we went to the other night.  They really enjoyed the meal. 

Gail and Erin with Julia, Robb, and Monty.  Monty is from Cuernavaca, Mexico and joined this team here in Puebla.  Apparently my accent is very good because Monty had a hard time all week not speaking to me in Spanish.  She would start talking to me and looked at me funny when I asked her how to say something.  That was encouraging - now if I can just add to my vocabulary.

Erin got a chance to play the cook for a moment. 
This is a picture that Erin took of a 7Up bottle.