Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chavos and Chavas

This past week we had the opportunity to have both the Chavos (teen boys) and the Chavas (teen girls) over to our house for dinner on two different nights.  Both nights we served spaghetti, green beans, cucumbers, and cantaloupe.

The boys enjoyed a movie and we had drumming contests on our new game, Jam Band, which is like Rockband but with all Christian music.  Leandro took two turns on the drums and in his second turn, placed first place with over 20,000 points.  Gerardo had fun singing Everything Glorious by the David Crowder Band.  We were very impressed with his singing since it was all in English.  All of the boys went home with a prize and the most popular prize was a big jar of hair gel.

The girls also enjoyed a movie and playing on the drums.  We had a drawing for prizes and found out that the body lotion was very popular but we only had two bottles.  The next most popular things were packages of cookies.  Everyone went home with a prize.

For each group we cooked about two and a half kilos of spaghetti which is about 5.5 pounds, five cans of green beans, 10 cucumbers, three cantaloupes and we also had bread.  We knew teens could eat a lot and we were glad to be able to have everyone eat as much as they wanted.  After dinner, there were homemade cookies which everyone enjoyed also.  Some of the boys were still commenting today about how good the spaghetti was.  We are very grateful for these times to make memories with the teens here at Esperanza Viva.