Tuesday, September 15, 2009

¡Viva México!

Tomorrow, September 16, is Mexico's Independence Day. Tonight, one of the couples here invited people over and we had great food, played games and had great fellowship. It was a lot of fun. One game we played was Mexican Train. Hmmm...

Bridget, our hostess, dishing up some Pozole.
Esther prepared some of the food.
Erin loves to help with the babies.

Visiting while eating.

Jonathan and his buddies. Can you tell his buddies are not Mexican?
There was a game of Risk going on.
And here is the Mexican Train game.

There were even some dominos for the little ones to play with.
It was a great night. Tomorrow for school, we will be learning about some of the history behind Mexico's independence and making Mexican flags. Kids around here will be off school but we are still doing a light day. So, that's all for now.


Unknown said...

Looking at those pictures of Erin is like having flash backs to being 11 again. LoL

Gail said...

Yes, you have a lot of similarities. Both beautiful!