Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cats and Friends

Okay, so I am thinking we are becoming an animal shelter. LOL! Jim took the kids out this morning and on the way home found a tiny kitten wandering in the streets. Jim told Erin to pick her up and we would take her home. Now mind you, the plan is to bring her to the adoption place near our house tomorrow. But for now, she is sitting in my lap sleeping. She looks like she was probably abused but has a very good disposition. Erin doesn't like me saying that she's an ugly cat but this picture is after a bath. Part of her tail is shaved which looks really weird. I have the thought that our daughter will talk us into keeping her. Anyone want to take bets? Erin has already started calling her Sandy. Oh boy, Mandy, Andy and Sandy.

As for as our previous two cats, Andy and Mandy, they are getting along very well now. They even sleep together and we caught Mandy cleaning Andy. They are very cute. Mandy is the bigger kitten and Andy is the smaller one.This afternoon we had a wonderful time with our friends from church. They said that my Pozole and Chili Colorado were "muy rica" which means very delicious. That was even said by their two boys who are 20 and 16. Now that's a compliment. By the end of our time together, Erin invited Yitzel (pronounced Jitzel) to spend the night and all the parents agreed. Erin is on cloud nine now. Here's a picture of Erin and her new friend, Yitzel.