Friday, May 27, 2011

Art Exhibit and Revue

Last night was the Master's School of Art (MSOA) art exhibit and revue.  This is a wonderful time to see all of the art work that the kids have done over the semester.  The talent that is coming from MSOA is outstanding.  These kids are using their talents and abilities to glorify God. Here are some pictures of the exhibit. 

 College level paintings
 College level drawings
 9 to 12 year old level painting
 13 to 18 year old level paintings
 13 to 18 year old level paintings

All school finale.

Jonathan and Erin had several pieces in the exhibit rooms.
 Jonathan - color pencil 101
 Jonathan - Anime
 Jonathan - Computer Art 101
This is a picture of I-5 from California to Oregon.  Jonathan added the buffalo and the fox to the road.
Jonathan - Computer Art 101
Jonathan added the space ships to the space background.
 Erin - Painting 101
 Erin - Color Theory
 Erin - Color Pencil 101
Erin - Drawing 101

The kids are already registered for the fall semester and they are talking about what classes they want to take.  I may even look into officially taking some classes.  I have been asked to take a painting teacher training class this summer and to help teach beginning level painting next year.  Sounds like fun to me!